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Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
Artificial Intelligence Aspects
•    Ambient Intelligence
•    Artificial Immune Systems
•    Artificial Neural Networks
•    Autonomous and Ubiquitous Computing
•    Bayesian Models
•    Data Fusion
•    Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
•    Distributed AI
•    Fuzzy Logic and Systems
•    Evolutionary Computing
•    Machine Learning
•    Planning and Scheduling
•    Representation and Reasoning
•    Computational Learning Theory
Signal Processing Techniques and Understanding
•    Activity Recognition
•    Adaptive Systems
•    Biomedical Signal Processing
•    Biometrics
•    Chaotic and Fractal Systems
•    Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
•    Image and Video Processing
•    Information Theory and Coding
•    Multimedia Systems
•    Speech and Natural Language Processing
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